SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence


SADI has a vast array of services to offer those in the disabled community. 

Some of these services include, but are not limited to:

  •  INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICES – While all services offered by SADI are designed to help empower consumers to attain or maintain an independent lifestyle, the four core services are the heart of all Independent Living Centers.  The traditional four core services, include:  Information and Referral, Advocacy, Peer Support, and Skills Training.  Our other services are as follows:
  • TRANSITION SERVICES:  Deinstitutionalization from nursing home and/or other group or residential facilities as well as youth transition services.
  •  COMMUNITY SERVICES – SADI endeavors to furnish the community at large with any service that could help to eliminate negative, stereotypic behavior directed toward all individuals with disabilities.  SADI works with businesses, government officials, clubs and other organizations, both public and private.
  • EMPLOYMENT MENTORING PROGRAM – This program assists the consumer with work preparation by assisting with resume writing, interview skills, and job readiness.
  • SEMO-TECH ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM – This program offers equipment evaluations, equipment loan and demonstration of adaptive devices.  This program offers a showroom, an RSB Low Vision Center, and an Adaptive Telephone/Internet Assistance Program, which are all located within the SADI office complex. 
  • CLIENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES – This program provides financial assistance to people with disabilities for such things as medications, minor home modifications/ramps, rental assistance, utility assistance, and low cost assistive devices.
  • TRANSPORTATION SERVICES – Any person with a disability needing transportation may participate by becoming a registered rider of the SADI Shuttle Service.  
  • CONSUMER DIRECTED SERVICES – Through the Center’s Consumer Directed Services Program, consumers can receive self-directed personal care services.  Eligibility requirements differ by program with some requiring Medicaid.  However, all programs require that consumers be able to manage their own care by directing the service themselves. 
  • IN-HOME SERVICES – Through the SADI In-Home Services Program, clients can receive in-home services to help them live more independently.  The various types of services that can be received through this program include personal care, homemaker care, chore services, advanced personal care, authorized nurse visits, and respite.  These services are funded by Medicaid, private pay, or Veterans Home Care. 
  • DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING SERVICES – SADI provides interpreting referral services, advocacy, mentoring, video relay, and social networking for the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing communities.  We are the proctor site for the Missouri written interpreting test.  We also offer American Sign Language classes each Spring and Fall.   
  • GAPS – Giving Autistic’s Parents Support provides case management and financial assistance to families with children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.